UHP Mission, Values, and Objectives | AUM

UHP Mission, Values, and Objectives


Since 1981, the mission of the University Honors Program has been to serve highly motivated students from all five of Auburn Montgomery’s academic colleges by facilitating their participation in a diverse community that will prepare them intellectually and socially for the challenges and responsibilities of global citizenship in the twenty-first century.


To accomplish that mission, the UHP enhances the experience of Honors Program students by engaging them in the development and demonstration of creative and critical thinking and teamwork and leadership in a context of global citizenship.


The University Honors Program will be the academic unit at Auburn University at Montgomery that
• engages highly motivated and high-achieving undergraduate students with majors in every College;
• is innovative in curriculum design and development and exemplifies teaching excellence in diverse fields and methods;
• prepares students to thrive in a global community and to participate in a culture of inclusiveness;
• creates a community of faculty and students engaged in rigorous intellectual and service-learning activities; and
• graduates students who become engaged alumni with a life-long interest in and personal connection to AUM.