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Threat Assessment Team

Our highest priority is the safety of everyone on campus. The AUM Threat Assessment Team advises on incidents involving members of the university community who pose a threat to the safety and well-being of themselves or others. This includes individuals exhibiting behavior that is disruptive, threatening or causing concern. If you become aware of such a situation, you can report the matter to the team.

In the event of a threat, we will recommend actions to the appropriate people (chancellor, provost or vice chancellors) in order to protect everyone involved. We take all threats of violence seriously, and we are committed to seeing a civil or criminal case through to its conclusion. To support the mission of the Threat Assessment Team, all employees or supervisors MUST be diligent in reporting incidents of concern.  


This Team has been established to:

  • Respond to circumstances of violence, threatening behavior, unwanted pursuit or harassment.
  • Investigate situations and recommend appropriate actions including suspension, expulsion, termination of employment, filing of criminal charges, or ongoing monitoring for follow-up and observation of behavior patterns. 
  • Respond quickly to behavior indicating a student, faculty or staff member poses a risk to self or others.
  • Identify resources for troubled students and personnel and make referrals to appropriate on-campus and off-campus agencies.
  • Help secure therapeutic actions that are appropriate, such as treatment or counseling.
  • Notify, within FERPA guidelines, parents, guardians and/or next-of-kin.
  • Initiate action to place a student or employee in the custody of a mental health facility capable of supporting specific behaviors.
  • Coordinate and assess information from faculty, administrators, students and local authorities.
  • Make recommendations to the chancellor, provost and/or the vice chancellor for finance who will sign off on action to be taken.
  • Periodically assess outcomes of actions taken.

Threat Assessment Team Members

In case of an emergency, do not contact team members. Please contact Campus Police at 244-3424 or call 911. The authorities will then work with the team. For more information on what to do in an emergency situation, please see the AUM Critical Operations Manual.

To report a non-emergency situation, you can report a concern to a member of the AUM Threat Assessment Team:

Janice Lyn, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs & Chair of the AUM Threat Assessment Team, 334-244-3028

Jeanine Boddie-LaVan, Chief Human Resources Officer, 334-244-3639

Kenneth Jones, Senior Public Safety Technician, 334-244-3487

Leslie Meadows, Title IX Coordinator, 334-244-3755

Brenda Mitchell, Director of Police Operations, 334-244-3464

Glen Ray, Professor and Department Chair, Psychology, 334-244-3690

C. Nichole Thompson, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, 334-244-3106

Yulanda Tyre, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, 334-244-3553

Mrinal Magdh Varma, Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor, 334-244-3600

Marla Vickers, Executive Director, Strategic Communications and Marketing, 334-244-3110

Twyla Williams, Human Resources Officer, 334-244-3657