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Master Plan

Executive Summary
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In 2007, Auburn University at Montgomery was directed by the Auburn University Board of Trustees to complete a comprehensive facilities master plan. AUM contracted with Sasaki Associates, Inc. in June 2007 to develop the facilities master plan. As part of the process, AUM also contracted with Comprehensive Facilities Planners (CFP) to conduct a space needs analysis and KREBS, Inc. to prepare an infrastructure master plan.

The master plan is based on the following assumptions:

    • Student enrollment will increase from 5,124 to 8,000 students over the next 15 years
    • AUM will begin to draw students from an international pool.
    • On-campus housing will grow to accommodate 20-25% of full-time equivalent students {between 448 and 776 new beds}

Auburn University at Montgomery needs a method to respond promptly and appropriately to new educational ideas and opportunities. The Master Plan is a tool that defines development options based on an institution's inherent strengths, resources and vision. The Master Plan is tightly linked to the Auburn University at Montgomery Strategic Plan and defines how the facilities and space that is the campus will support the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

The Master Plan:

    • Establishes overall goals, objectives, and design principles that serve as a framework for future physical development.
    • Provides long range planning for architecture, land use, space use, landscape, transportation, parking and utilities.

The Auburn University at Montgomery Campus Master Plan will assess and quantify the campus' ability to accommodate physical expansion and provide a flexible "blueprint" to guide this growth in a consistent and harmonious manner that supports institutional goals.