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Alabama History Day

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March 4, 2016

Alabama History Day is a contest for high school and junior high school students at which they present papers, displays, websites, performances, and documentaries on historical topics. The top two entries in each category (both high school and junior high) have the opportunity to attend the National History Day contest in Washington, D.C., in June. The topic for this year is “Exploration, Encounter, &  Exchange in History,” and teachers and students interested in possible subjects for projects can learn more about it at the Alabama History Day website, www.alhistoryday.com.

This year, Alabama History Day will be March 4, 2016 (Friday). The deadline for entries will be announced shortly. In particular, websites and papers must be submitted by that date, so that judges can review entries before the contest. Any teacher may sponsor a student, and home school students may be sponsored by a parent or guardian.

For further information, contact Tracy Goodwin, School of Liberal Arts, Department of History, Auburn University at Montgomery, P.O. Box 244023, Montgomery, AL, 36124, tgoodwi1@aum.edu.