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AUM Conference Services
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Auburn University at Montgomery Conference Services provides professional conference and event management services to AUM students, faculty/staff, and to outside clientele that further enhance the University’s community involvement, educational opportunities, and academic mission. We deliver outstanding customer service and first-class facilities, complemented by exceptional lodging, dining, audio/visual services, and a dedicated team.

Policies, Requirements, and Guidelines

  • All programs and events held on the Auburn University at Montgomery campus must have a University affiliation or sponsorship (excluding outside clientele.)  Programs held on campus that are not affiliated with the University may rent facilities at cost.  Prices for events are determined by several factors including: event space used, duration of event, audio/visual needs, and catering. These costs will be assessed by Conference Services on an individual basis.
1.1 University Organizations
  • University organizations are defined as schools and colleges, academic departments, institutes, administrative departments, and student organizations registered with the Office of Student Involvement or with their school student activities department, and other organizations with official, recognized affiliation with Auburn University and Auburn University at Montgomery.
1.2 University Sponsored Organizations and Facility Use
  • University sponsored organizations must be sponsored by a unit of the University that will assume responsibility, including any and all financial obligations, acting as primary contact, and securing all conference needs through appropriate departments (i.e., ITS equipment use, setup, security, and clean up.)
  • Auburn University Montgomery does not permit a University department to sponsor a non-university event when the non-university group seeks to reduce applicable cost for facilities or services.
  • The purpose and objectives of the University sponsored organization must be consistent with the educational purposes of the University and not conflict with any legal restrictions on the use of the University facilities.
  • Meetings, events, or conferences sponsored by University departments where registration fees, tuition, admission, or similar fees are charged to the attendees will be subject to the partner rate for meeting and event space.


 2.1 Reservation Process

  • Room reservation requests may be submitted on-line at
  • Space availability is on a first come, first served basis and will be confirmed through Conference Services.
  • Reservations for external groups or organizations must be arranged by a person authorized to make financial contracts for the requesting group or organization.
  • For additional questions please contact a Conference Services team member at or 334-244-3562.    

2.2 Room Types

Auburn University at Montgomery features a variety of conference and meeting rooms to fit your individual needs. Our featured meeting spaces include auditorium/theater style rooms, large banquet rooms, and smaller conference rooms for the more intimate occasions.

  • Please view the room capacity to find a suitable room type for your event.
  • For event room rates, please contact a Conference Services representative at or 334-244-3562.

2.3 Audio Visual Equipment

  • A full range of audio/visual equipment is available for a fee through Conference Services, and arrangements for these services should be made no later than two weeks prior to the event. A current price list for equipment and technical services personnel is available through University Conference Services.
  • We offer a variety of internet, telephone, and teleconference support for your meetings. Please inquire in advance as to the availability of special services.
  • University affiliated groups (on-campus groups/internal clients) are responsible for placing their audio/visual equipment needs with ITS at ext. (3352.) Conference Services is NOT responsible for ordering/reserving equipment for on-campus groups.
  • AUM Conference Services reserves the right to require Information Technology Staff to facilitate your event. Appropriate fees will be assessed. 

2.4 Quick Turnarounds

  • Last minute changes or additions should be communicated directly to Conference Services staff. (Conference Services will attempt to accommodate your needs whenever possible.)
  • Reservations are limited to available space.  Some rooms require the client to accept the setup as-is.  Please make us aware of any changes as soon as possible so that we can allocate our resources effectively.
  • Additional charges for facility space, equipment, and/or labor for after-hours events will be applied to your final invoice. 

2.5 Signage and Table Coverings

  • Signage and two skirted registration tables are provided for all external clients as part of their room rental.
  • Internal clients may request the use of directional signage boxes. Requests will be evaluated on a first come, first served basis. However, Conference Services reserves the right to change assignments to accommodate bigger functions or external clients.
  • Table coverings can be provided to internal clients upon request. However, use of table coverings is subject to availability, and a cleaning fee of $10.00 per cloth charge to the department or organization will be required.

2.6 Plants

  • Plants are provided at no additional charge in the multipurpose rooms in the Taylor Center and on the 10th Floor of the Ida Belle Young Library Tower. These plants may not be moved to other locations.
  • If you wish to have plants in other locations and/or additional plants, please contact Conference Services directly. Additional charges will apply.

2.7 Storage

  • Storage space is extremely limited and storage is not generally available. If available, storage shall not exceed 48 hours prior to the day of the event or after an event.
  • Advanced storage arrangements must be made through the Conference Services office.
  • Additional charges will be assessed for storage.

2.8 Billing

  • Reservations cannot be confirmed until the appropriate account number, deposit, purchase order and/or authorization is obtained.
  • A 30% deposit and/or prepayment of estimated charges is required for non-University organizations.
  • All deposits and prepaid fees are non-refundable. Only in the event the reservation is cancelled by the University will any prepaid fees and deposits be refunded.
  • University departments which are charging a fee for an event or are being reimbursed for facility usage will be charged room rental fees at the partner rate.
  • All fees are due, in full, prior to the start of the event. Internal and external charges will be completed through the Conference Services Office.

2.9 Additional Charges

  • Additional cleaning charges will be assessed for those events requiring extra cleaning labor. Charges will be billed on a per-hour basis. Please contact Conference Services for hourly rate.
  • Events scheduled on the weekends requiring on-site coordination by Conference Services will be subject to a $500 weekend service charge.
  • Damages incurred during an event will result in additional charges. 

2.10 Insurance & Liability

  • The external organization shall, at its' own expense, procure and maintain, without interruption during the event contract, insurance of the kinds and limits listed hereunder. Certificate(s) of insurance issued by the organization’s insurance carrier shall be furnished to Auburn University at Montgomery a minimum of 72 hours in advance of event date and shall name Auburn University at Montgomery, Auburn University, its' Board of Trustees, Faculty, Staff, and Agents as Additional Insureds on the General Liability policy.
  • The insurance coverage required under this contract are minimum limits required and are not intended to limit the responsibility or liability of the organization. If any subcontractor is used to fulfill this contract, they or the organization on their behalf, shall carry the same coverage and limits of insurance outlined herein. It shall be the organization’s responsibility to ensure compliance of this requirement.
  • All insurance coverage shall be issued by an insurer licensed by the Insurance Commissioner to conduct business in the State of Alabama and have a minimum current A.M. Best rating of A.
  • Each policy shall be endorsed to provide that the policy not be cancelled, non-renewed, changed, or allowed to lapse for any reason without thirty (30) days of written notice to Auburn University at Montgomery. Insurance policies meeting the requirements stated above shall be maintained for the duration of the contracted event. Renewal certificates shall be sent to Auburn University at Montgomery thirty (30) days prior to any expiration date of coverage.
  • AUM shall be entitled, upon request and without expense, to receive copies of policies and endorsements thereto and may make any reasonable requests for deletion or revision or modification or particular policy terms, conditions, limitations, or exclusions except where policy provisions are established by law or regulations binding upon either of the parties or to underwriting on such policies.
  • All groups shall inform Conference Services for Auburn University at Montgomery of all incidents and/or accidents that occur on AUM premises or that might otherwise give rise to a claim against AUM and shall be responsible for providing appropriate written notification. Such notification shall be provided as soon as reasonably possible but will not exceed twenty four (24) hours after organization is aware of the incident/accident.
  • Due to the risky nature of some activities, Auburn University at Montgomery reserves the right to require additional limits of liability coverage. 
  • Auburn University at Montgomery does not assume any liability for articles that are stolen, misplaced, or left on University property.
  • A quick quote for General Liability Insurance may be accessed at

2.11 Catering

  • Whether your plans are for a small reception or a gourmet dinner, our dining services contractor, Chartwells, can meet any of your specific dining needs.
  • All events need to be booked seven (7) days in advance. Events scheduled less than 72 hours may be subject to a 25% late booking fee.
  • Other guidelines are outlined in the “AUM Events” Auburn Montgomery Catering guide.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • University-affiliated groups (on campus groups/internal clients) are responsible for placing their catering orders through the appropriate Chartwells staff at ext. (3133.)
  • All external groups are required to use Chartwells Catering. If you wish not to use on campus catering a $500 waiver fee may apply. 

2.12 Lodging

  • Auburn University Montgomery houses in The Commons, Warhawk Hall, and the Courtyards.  We have a variety of lodging spaces available and we would be glad to answer your questions.  If you have any questions or require any further details about our residence halls, feel free to contact us at or 334-244-3562. 
  • Rooms in The Commons are arranged suite style, with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchenette and living room in each suite.
  • Each bedroom has a twin extra-long bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, desk and desk chair.
  • Amenities include, free Wi-Fi internetaccess, laundry, expanded digital cable and local phone service in select halls.
  • Please contact Conference Services for more information. 


3.1 Contractual Stipulations & Follow-Through

  • All events scheduled must be conducted in the manner stipulated in the contract. No changes or additions can be made unless confirmed in writing by Conference Services. 

3.2 Parking/Loading and Unloading

  • Parking is allowed in all white-line areas on the AUM Campus.
  • Parking in orange, yellow, and blue spaces without a permit is not allowed.
  • Parking in the Housing Areas is restricted to residents and guests staying in conference housing.
  • Parking tickets are issued through the University Campus Police department.
  • Loading and unloading can be conducted at various locations throughout the campus. Please contact the Conference Services office for information. 

3.3 Building Hours and Time Constraints

  • Campus buildings (except Ida Belle Young Library Tower and Taylor Center) are generally open from 6:30 am until 11:30 pm.
  • Ida Belle Young Tower (Library Tower) hours vary. Please review the Library Tower business hours site for actual times.
  • Rooms may be occupied only during their reserved time. 

3.4 Event Security and Transfers

  • Conference Services may require uniformed security officers to be present at the sponsoring organization’s expense.
  • Conference Services’ staff will make arrangements to hire off-duty security officers through the University Campus Police Department. The cost will be passed on to the sponsoring organization as part of the event cost.
  • No booked event may transfer reservation to another organization, nor may space for an approved program be used for another purpose. This may result in the loss of current and future reservations as well as an assessment of fees. If your organization will no longer be using the booked space, an official written notice of cancellation will need to be submitted to Conference Services, and new reservations will be coordinated for the other organization pending there are no other groups on wait.

3.5 Signs, Banners & Decorations

  • A Conference Services staff member must approve signs, banners, and decorations prior to the event.
  • Signs, banners, and decorations are allowed in your reserved room and its' entrance only. Signs, banners, and decorations placed in hallways, entrances to buildings, on floors, or ceilings are not permitted without permission of Conference Services.
  • Banners and ceiling-mounted signs are to be hung by a Conference Services employee.
  • Glitter, confetti, sequins, and fine-type decorative materials are not allowed because they cannot be vacuumed. Additional cleaning cost will be charged if these items are used. 

3.6 Candles, Incense, Fog Machines, Pyrotechnic

  • These items generally not allowed due to current fire codes and interference with our facility smoke detection system.
  • Special requests to use candles, incense, fog machines, and pyrotechnics must be approved by Conference Services at least 48 hours prior to the event. 

3.7 No Shows and Cancellations

  • External groups failing to use reserved space without cancelling at least 48 hours in advance will be responsible for all room rental and any previously incurred charges.
  • Catering cancellations are subject to catering cancellation policy (see Catering Event Planning guide.)
  • Campus organizations or departments failing to use reserved space twice in the same semester (without cancelling at least 48 hours in advance) may lose their ability to schedule meeting space for one semester. 

3.8 Deliveries

  • All events wishing to have deliveries made to the facility on behalf of their organization must coordinate delivery through Conference Services. Conference Services will not accept deliveries that have not been arranged in advance. 

3.9 Vendors

  • Outside vendors are not permitted in public places; vendors are permitted only in spaces specifically reserved by organizations.
  • In the event a vendor rents space on campus independent of a University organization, said vendor is required to pay for space in advance and obtain an Authorized Vendor Card from Conference Services.
  • Auburn University Montgomery strictly prohibits soliciting student information of any kind. NO credit card solicitations. NO contract solicitations.

3.10 Disability Accommodations

  • Auburn University Montgomery is committed to making everyone, regardless of disability, comfortably accommodated while attending an event on campus or staying in one of our Residence Halls.
  • Please contact the Conference Services office to request accommodations.

3.11 Smoking Areas

  • Auburn University Montgomery does not allow smoking or the use of smokeless tobacco in any campus building.
  • Smoking is permitted in these designated areas.