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The Professional and Technical Writing Certificate

The Professional and Technical Writing Certificate provides students with experience in writing concise technical documents.


Students learn the writing, research, technological, and analytical strategies necessary for proficient writing in the 21st-century workplace. Graduates will be able to express themselves efficiently, ethically, and with style in the genres and modalities used in professional and technical writing. Foundational concepts, knowledge, and practices are developed in an introductory course. Students then tailor their program by selecting courses in technical writing, professional writing, editing, and other areas based on their career goals. The program is ideal for students whose career aspirations include grant writing, publishing and editing, public relations and marketing, administration, or technical writing.

Professional and Technical Writing is not limited to user manuals. Technical writers may be called on to produce different types of professional and technical documents. The field of professional and technical communication encompasses a number of related disciplines that include:

  • Information design
  • Technical writing
  • Technical editing
  • Instructional design
  • User experience design
  • Document design
  • Training design
  • Marketing
  • Web design


Courses: The certificate requires four three-hour courses for a total of 12 hours: a required course + three elective courses.

  • Required (3 credits): ENGL3010 Introduction to Professional and Technical Writing.
  • Electives (9 credits, no more than 3 can be done through internship hours)
    • ENGL3030 Technical Writing
    • ENGL3060 Business and Professional Writing
    • ENGL4170 Writing for Digital Media
    • ENGL4924 Internship in Writing and Editing


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