Bio Boot Camp | AUM

Bio Boot Camp

Incoming freshmen have an opportunity for a Sneak Peek of AUM at BIO WEEK 2019 - Aug 12-16

See what it takes to be successful in your Biology class and get prepared for jumping into a Biology, Nursing, Kinesiology, Medical Lab Sciences, or Environmental Science major. Join us to learn what this class is all about and figure out how to get it done.

  • Demystify biology by taking a look at the scarier side of cells, bodies, and chemistry with the help of faculty and students.
  • Get acquainted with campus resources.
  • Gain ad advantage by knowing where to get help when you need it with special presentations form the Student Counseling Center, Advising, Warhawk Academic Success Center (WASC).
  • Enjoy a week well spent that culminates in an ice cream social.

You’ll have an opportunity to witness science in motion, work with the equipment and reward yourself with an understanding of the expectations of your first year in college.

Enroll during orientation

If you have any questions, contact Chelsea Ward at


"It was very helpful learning about the campus and getting to move in early to get used to where everything was located. We also learned about the counseling and that was very important."

"Bio boot camp was really helpful and i learned a lot just in one week. it was really fun and interesting."

"A lot of the material taught during Bio Week was a refresher on some things I learned in high school. It also gave me a look on how College Biology works. The bootcamp helped remind me of the basics of biology to prepare me for when class starts."

"Learning about our helplines, class expectations, rules, do’s and don'ts, as well as knowing some of our teachers early on was very helpful and helped eliminate that freshman fear of college. I am much more prepared to tackle my first year now and have so much more confidence."